Inspirational Images: Charlotte Rampling

Can it be…? That chain dress so beloved of Diana Rigg, and which I’m still desperate to identify? The dress colour and texture is different, but the chain effect looks very similar.

I love this shot of Charlotte Rampling; it’s a familiar pose. Me, sitting on the pouffe in front of my beloved art deco dressing table, wondering how on earth I’m going to do battle with my hair today…. Except I have genuine problems and clearly Ms Rampling does not.

by Philip Townsend

Fashion Icon: Charlotte Rampling

Charlotte Rampling is one of those people whose elegance, stylishness and general coolness is so great that you can spend your whole life trying to achieve something vaguely approaching the same. You will, of course, never succeed. It’s either there, or it’s not. But you can have a lot of fun trying!

Even in her most Swinging Sixties moments, she looked timeless, classic and romantic. Which is more inspirational to me, actually, because I am not at all fond of the harsh ‘mod’ look. So I look to ladies like Charlotte Rampling to inspire me. She had longer, less heavily styled hair and wore prettier, softer clothes. In the Seventies, she moved into her prime in floaty Ossie chiffons and Thirties inspired tailoring. A look which appears to have been very natural to her, she looks far more elegant and sophisticated than most people attempting that look.

She also remains one of the most beautiful ladies around today, seemingly without the aid of surgery. Fond of nudity, even still, it was actually surprisingly hard to find photos of her with her clothes on! She takes on interesting roles, has had a varied and generally very well-played career and continues to make bold choices. Then, and now, Charlotte Rampling we salute you!