Haven’t got a thing to wear…


The leopard cannot change his spots, And that’s the fix I’m in, So come an sit by me, my love, For some highly original skin. <<<<<<>>>>>> Fake-fur bikini and bangles from Biba. Boots by The Chelsea Cobbler.

Don’t give up – this could be the year when what goes on underneath could be your major investment.

Another extraordinary example of James Wedge’s wonderful work in the art of hand-tinting and further adventures in the world of Seventies-does-Fifties-pin up. Notable for including shoes and a petticoat from ‘Let It Rock’ which was Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood’s first shop in the Kings Road. The influence of rock and roll on and crossover between both glam rock and punk is perfectly encapsulated in this editorial, right slap bang in the middle of the Seventies.

Fashion by Liz Smith. Photographs by James Wedge.

Scanned by Miss Peelpants from Cosmopolitan, January 1975.


When I’m awakened from my slumber It does seem rather mean – It’s always the wrong number and never Steve McQueen. <<<<<<>>>>>> Satin bra and panties from Biba.


Watch out for life’s banana skins, And wear your prettiest slip, So you can say to passing men “I did enjoy my trip”. <<<<<<>>>>>> Bra by Gossard. Petticoat and stilettos from Let It Rock.


When I went in for Crufts with my doggy, I didn’t know how it would go, But it proves the importance of grooming – We’ve been voted the best in the show! <<<<<<>>>>>> Corselette by Janet Reger. Scarf from Femina Furs. Gloves and hat by Biba.


A girl can’t have too many furs, They give her an inner glow. But when it omes to trapping them How fur should a nice girl go? <<<<<<>>>>>> Bra, panties and suspender belt from Fenwick. Cape by Femina Furs. Mules from The Chelsea Cobbler.


If you watch the girls men watch, You’ll see, The girls they watch watch their weight like me. // Look me over closely, Tell me what you see. But if you kiss and tell, you rat, I’ll swear it wasn’t me. <<<<<<>>>>>> Essences camisole. Shoes by Terry de Havilland. Nightgown by Finewear. Shoes by Zapata.


A birthday gift for me, my dear? Come in and close the door. I do like them sending my presents, With a man from Securicor. <<<<<<>>>>>> Nightie and pantie set from Dorothy Perkins.


Men used to say I was forward, But I’ll tell you this, for a fact: Since I chose to look pure, and a little demure, I simply haven’t looked back. <<<<<<>>>>>> Abecita body stocking. Negligee by Martin Emprex. Glove and bag from Biba. Shoes by Let It Rock.


Mild Sauce: Montage by Hand

Bob Carlos Clarke

Photographed and crafted by Bob Carlos Clarke.

Scanned by Miss Peelpants from Creative Photography, 1977

Inspirational Images: Still life and white fur


Photographed by Christian Carez, publication unknown. Continuing my fascination with hand-tinted photographs.

Scanned by Miss Peelpants from the Photography Year Book 1971

Inspirational Images: Tinted Love

Scanned from The Art of Photographing Women by Tom Grill and Mark Scanlon

You should all know by now that I am enormously fond of the art of hand-tinting in photographs. Of course James Wedge is the Emperor of such artistry, but this example (by Tom Grill, I think. This book is frustratingly vague about credits…) is utterly lovely in every way. Apparently he tinted it using home food-colouring – and it is definitely quite edible!

Inspirational Images: Beauty Studies by James Wedge

Hauntingly beautiful. I can never, ever resist a photoshoot inspired by clowns. (Indeed, Mr Wedge seems to have made them something of a trademark!) That make-up, that neck ruff…

Scanned from Painted Ladies: Art of Hand Colouring in Photography by James Wedge.

Inspirational Illustrations: Painted Pin-ups by James Wedge

What is this mysterious alchemy that makes James Wedge’s version of the pin-up cliché somehow completely wonderful to my eyes? I think the hand-tinting is a nod to the fictitious nature of the pin-up, completely revelling in its own artifice and utilizing its superficiality to create something fresh – despite its inherently retrospective origins. Also, it doesn’t involve Photoshop. Modern photographers need to take serious note.

Advertisement for Miss Selfridge, photographed and tinted by James Wedge.

19 Magazine, May 1974. Scanned by Miss Peelpants.

Inspirational Images: The Passion by Oliviero Toscani

Scanned from Masterpieces of Erotic Photography. I assumed it was a James Wedge set when I first flicked through the book!