What a catch!


Lace-up leather shoes by Sacha

We threw in the line and fished out some of the best and most original shoes that are in the shops this spring. It may not be an ideal catch for a real angler, but then it depends what you’re fishing for, doesn’t it?

Photographed by Duc.

Scanned by Miss Peelpants from 19 Magazine, April 1972.


Baseball boot by Biba. Red leather with peeptoe by Sacha, Navy and white corresponding lace-up by Russell & Bromley, Vivid China blue peeptoe slingback by Sacha, Red leather peeptoe and green and yellow on front by Sacha, Navy blue peeptoe with ruched panel by Sacha, Red leather embossed with yellow spots by Sacha.


Inspirational Images: Fashion’s Upper Crust

Cheesecake sweaters by Phyllis Collins at Stirling Cooper. Voluminous batwing sweater by Lee Bender at Bus Stop. Jewellery by Corocraft.

Not only is this a delightful image, but I have a green version of the ‘cheesecake’ Stirling Cooper jumper. Whee!

Photo by Duc. Nova Magazine, January 1972. Scanned by Miss Peelpants.