Inspirational Images: Enter right dramatically…

enter right dramatically - leslie poole - bob freeman harpers bazaar april 1969

Long turquoise satin dress, about 21 gns. White kid boots, 18 gns to order from The Chelsea Cobbler.

The setting is one of undefined menace. The situation, traumatic. The girl, intrigued. But the message of the fashion is crystal clear. Dramatic, beautifully made clothes are rare. When they combine fine fabrics with feminine shapes they become almost impossible to find. Now, at last, one designer, Leslie Poole, is making them. The supplies and outlets are limited – so far. The demand, however, is quite undeniable.

Scenario by Gerard Brach. Production by Molly Parkin.

Photographed by Bob Freeman.

Scanned by Miss Peelpants from Harpers Bazaar, April 1969


Inspirational Editorials: These smocks are the shape of things to come…

Smock by

Smock by Leslie Poole for Annacat. Small smock from Little Things.

“This is not a maternity feature, this means you. But what a great year to be pregnant”

Glorious Pre-Raphaelite inspired shoot by Barry Lategan, exactly how I dream of dressing every day. Those hats! …

Scanned by Miss Peelpants from Vogue, March 1971

Get the look with a gorgeous printed smock dress over at Vintage-a-Peel

Smock by

Smock by Mary Quant Ginger Group. Velvet Holbein hat from The Sweet Shop.

Smock by

Smock by Lati Ptochis at Boston-151. Flower trailer by Pablo & Delia.

Smock and skirt by Tony Berkeley. Shoes by Pedro Garcia. Wristlet by Pablo & Delia. Hat by Malcolm Raines at The Sweet Shop.

Smock and skirt by Tony Berkeley. Shoes by Pedro Garcia. Wristlet by Pablo & Delia. Hat by Malcolm Raines at The Sweet Shop.

Smock by

Smock and skirt by Gina Fratini. Shoes by Pedro Garcia. Hat by Malcolm Raines at The Sweet Shop. Necklace by Pablo & Delia

Smock by

Smock by Janice Wainwright at Simon Massey. Painted hair decoration by Pablo & Delia.

smock 6

Smock by Margit Brandt, skirt by Kumari, both for Scorpio.

Inspirational Images: Bright girl’s guide to open air dressing

Bird’s egg blue and white spotted shirt and striped trousers at Pierre Elegante. Hat by Edward Mann.

Photographed by Elisabeth Novick, from Vogue, April 1973.

If I could spend most of my springtime dressed like this, I would be happy. Sadly, I am currently living in thick black tights and long sleeves while the entire country shivers its way into May.


Dungarees by Leslie Poole at Annacat. Hat from Liberty.

Left: Top by Alan Rodin, trousers by Ian Batten for Stirling Cooper. Umbrella from Biba — Right: Top by Karl Lagerfeld for Timwear, trousers same as left. Turban from Buckle Under.