New at Vintage-a-Peel: Loungerie!

Legs and Co

You may, or may not, have noticed that I frequently post scans of favourite underwear shoots on this here blog. I aspire to the level of lounging glamour demonstrated by ladies of the past; no tracksuits or slankets chez Miss Peelpants – oh no no no… I also feel as limited and uncomfortable in a lot of modern underwear as I do in a lot of modern clothing, so it seems only logical to buy and wear vintage pieces.

Grace Coddington

So I am delighted to announce the launch of Loungerie at Vintage-a-Peel. The name is inspired by a spread from Honey Magazine which I posted a while back, and the stock is inspired by all my very favourite underwear photoshoots and saucier source material I may encounter. If vintage underwear isn’t your thing, that’s totally understandable, but for anyone else – I do hope you find something to tempt you (and your lover…).

Jane Birkin

And with names like Ossie Clark, Janice Wainwright, Rudi Gernreich, Bruce Oldfield and Janet Reger, this is certainly no ordinary lingerie section!

Bruce Oldfield for Charnos

Ossie Clark for Charnos

Janice Wainwright for Golden Charm

Rudi Gernreich for Exquisite Form

Janet Reger

St Michael





Vintage Adverts: The Restaurant Pyjama

Janice Wainwright for Golden Charm. Advert scanned from Vogue, April 1969.

Excitement abounds! My new lingerie and loungewear section of the website is taking shape behind the scenes and I am particularly excited about an upcoming Janice Wainwright for Golden Charm ensemble, not entirely dissimilar to this one.

I’m more into lounging in loungewear around the house than in a restaurant, but I suppose one only knows what one knows. The fact is that in 1969, people were so well-dressed when they went to dinner that you could be truly outrageous by wearing your pyjamas. In an age when nobody gets dressed for anything, well that is when you need to shock by wearing your finest frocks.

Jean Shrimpton – At Home With Fashion

“It is so beautifully cut”. Sabbath Suit by Ossie Clark.

As with so many of my favourite people, I far prefer ‘Seventies Shrimpton’ to her earlier, more famous Bailey-era. This photoshoot is from The Telegraph Magazine, April 1973, and shows Jean returning to the family farm – decked out in all the best designers of the time.

Jean Shrimpton has gained fame, fortune and glamour through her spectacular modelling career, but she seldom spends much money on clothes – although she will, on occasions, treat herself to an extravagance from Ossie Clark, one of her favourite designers. So we asked her to make her own practical choice from the clothes that are in the shops now. We photographed her at her parents’ home – Rose Hill Farm, Burnham in Buckinghamshire.

“Basically I always choose dark clothes because they are practical and don’t show the dirt. I like fairly simple, well-cut, Forties type clothes with big shoulders. I wear a lot of trousers and long skirts and prefer jackets to coats. If I do wear colour it is usually in tights or shoes”

Images scanned by Miss Peelpants

“I like long skirts and I liked the shape of this sweater with the cuffed sleeves and the lower neckline”. Sweater by Rykiel.

“Super, very Forties, lovely grey colour, loose and easy to move in. Very much the sort of thing I wear”. Suit by Coopers.

“A nice simple dress that could be worn anytime”. Dress by Janice Wainwright

“I like small flower prints and this is a very pretty one”. Dress by Bus Stop.

“Very comfortable, I can wear it anywhere”. Jacket and trousers by Coopers.

All images scanned by Miss Peelpants

Legendary Beauty

By Alice Pollock at Quorum*, 19gns. The settee is covered in the original William Morris Bird Design.

There’s a marvellously romantic feeling about the Pre-Raphaelite look. It starts with your hair…soft, natural, framing your face in a ripple of tiny waves. It touches your skin…pale, delicate, un-made-up looking. It colours your clothes…crepe, chiffons and satins in rich hues. Start wearing this great, romantic look today – who knows, he might just start being very romantic to you!

Scanned from Vanity Fair, May 1970. Photographed by John Kelly at Wightwick Manor.

*This is a misattribution, the dress is actually an Ossie.

Dress by Simon Massey, £15. Photographed against a Burne Jones tapestry.

Dress by Fashion Mouse, £22. Photographed against the Kempe stained glass windows.

Dress by Bus Stop, £5. Photographed against a painting by Rossetti pupil Treffry Dunn.

Prêt à regarder

Alice Pollock

Phew! That was a long break. I’ve finally got the first batch of Autumn/Winter clothes up over at Vintage-a-Peel, and there are some KILLER items for you. I’m very excited to be offering Ossie Clark, Alice Pollock, Aristos, Biba, Terry de Havilland, The Chelsea Cobbler, Janice Wainwright and two incredible hats by Edward Mann (and those are only the big names!). Plenty more to come, so stay tuned and, meanwhile, enjoy!!

Hilary Floyd
Aristos of Carnaby Street
The Chelsea Cobbler
Pussy Cat by Carla Jane
Ricci Michaels
Terry de Havilland
A Downs Model
Ossie Clark for Radley
Edward Mann
Frank Usher
Edward Mann
Janice Wainwright for Simon Massey

I like you verrrrrrry much

Please excuse the daft title. This amazing Annacat dress is so brilliant and ruffled and exotic it can’t help but make me think of the divine Ms. Carmen Miranda. Not that it will immediately make you look like her, I hasten to add, unless you wear some fruit on top of your head. Although you may wish to, and I would certainly applaud you if you did. Anyway, here’s my occasional blog about some new listings of mine. There’s the aforementioned Annacat, a Jeff Banks for Clobber dress, Ann Reeves & Co, Pam Hogg, Janice Wainwright for Simon Massey, Miss Mouse, Joy Stevens, Polly Peck, Kati at Laura Phillips, Paraphernalia, Mary Quant, Petals and Concept by Samuel Sherman. Phewwwww. That’s a lot of gear.

Listing a little bit to the side…

…over on that there website, Vintage-a-Peel. So if you need anything to wear whilst listing a little bit to the side, due to brandy/mulled wine/champagne consumption over the festive season, please do take a look and see if there’s anything you might fancy over yonder. We’ve got an amazing Janice Wainwright trouser suit, John Bates for Jean Varon (feathers a go-go!) Sixties dress, a fun fur Lulu jacket and a stunning sparkly Frank Usher shimmy dress from the early Sixties. There are some cheaper day dresses and separates as well, including a super early Top Shop dress in distinctly Biba style. Go! See!