Inspirational Editorials: Gentle Reminders


Is anyone else utterly bored with this tedious, freezing weather? I am greatly looking forward to wearing lighter knitwear and bathing my face in warm, watery Spring sunlight – an atmosphere so perfectly captured in these stunning images.

Photographed by Michael Berkofsky. Scanned by Miss Peelpants from Honey, February 1974


Sweater by Glynn Manson. Blouse from Essences. Cloche by Bermona.


Aeroplane-patterned cardigan by Glyn Manson. Tie front cardigan from Mary Farrin. Linen skirt from Electric Fittings.


Left: jumper from Essences. Right: Original 30s floppy jumper from Essences.


5 Comments on “Inspirational Editorials: Gentle Reminders”

  1. Mim McDonald says:

    I think I have the pattern for the ‘ice blue silky’ jumper at the bottom; I was actually thinking of making something similar. That ‘candlelight’ stitch design is a vintage classic; I’ve deffo got a pattern for vest and giant 40s knickers using it!

  2. Kate-Em says:

    Like the aeroplane patterned cardigan and the models amazing hair!

  3. Oh they are beautiful……the gorgeous jumpers and the photo shoots… I loved Honey magazine….

    • David Farrin says:

      I just came across this article and wanted to let you know that some of the facts are incorrect. I am David Farrin brother of Mary and was a Director and shareholder of Mary Farrin Ltd. Mary Farrin Ltd. acquired Levison Originals in 1977. At the time they hand seven employees only. We expanded the business and within two years had doubled the size of the factory and were employing 400 people. My sister and her team of designers, designed both the Levison Originals and Mary Farrin collections from 1977 and the Levison Original dress featured below was designed and manufactured by us. Sally Levison had no involvement in the business after it was sold in 1977. David Farrin

  4. {theEye} says:

    Wow! Everything about this is AMAZING. I love the styling and photography. This needs to come back! Especially that hair! That hair! C’est amaze. I’m getting major Grace Coddington vibes from this one . . . .


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