Inspirational Editorials: Le style Franglais

L-R: Gauchos and battle jacket by Tony Berkley, boots at Elliott; Midi coat and matching pants by Alan Rodin, belt by The Wild Mustang Manfacturing Co, boots to order at the Chelsea Cobbler; Skirt and midi coat by Tony Berkley, blouse by Alan Rodin, boots by Anello & Davide.

Time to dig out the gauchos, zig zag knits and lace up boots again. Not that I ever need any encouragement, mind…

Photographed by Charlotte March. Scanned by Miss Peelpants from Nova, September 1970.

All three printed dresses in dicel crepe by Janice Wainwright at Simon Massey


3 Comments on “Inspirational Editorials: Le style Franglais”

  1. Claire N says:

    So that’s what gauchos are.

    I like’em.

  2. jeanne says:

    I always thought gauchos were the same as knickerbockers but I see the difference now.
    Love how they coined the term ‘midi’ for length in those days. We don’t hear it anymore.

  3. Natalie says:

    Much as I can’t really carry them off myself, I do love gouchos! (Check “The Best of Jackie” pages 15, 25 and 29 for some brilliant illustrations) They never really appeared again as “goucho pants” after 1970 did they??

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