Inspirational Editorials: Who Needs Skirts?

Satin trousers, matching jacket, 17gns by Ossie Clark from Quorum

Above is the notorious Lamborghini suit, most famously worn by Twiggy. I honestly love everything from this editorial. Except that the Lamborghini suit doesn’t suit me at all, and I am speaking from bitter experience there.

Photographed by Peter Knapp, carpets from Peter Jones.

Scanned by Miss Peelpants from The Sunday Times Magazine, December 1st 1968

Brocade chiffon three-piece outfit with harem pants, 20gns by Ossie Clark from Quorum.

Trouser suit trimmed with snakeskin by Mog, 16gns, Countdown.

Velvet waistcoat £20, and brocade harem pants £16, by Thea Porter Decorations Ltd.

Angora cat-suit by Mary Farrin, 22gns

Dungarees by Zandra Rhodes and Sylvia Ayton, £8 10s, Fulham Road Clothes Shop. Sweater by Laura, £18, Vidal Sassoon Boutique.


6 Comments on “Inspirational Editorials: Who Needs Skirts?”

  1. jeanne says:

    Prada much? Miuccia may set trends but she didn’t invent anything. Everything here is a là mode today… ^_^

  2. jeanne says:

    Ditto MissPeelpants.
    OMG you’re so right about the Terry de Havilland rip offs! Just looked it up and my jaw dropped…

    • AJB says:

      Gosh, they are! I own two pairs of Miu Miu Snakeskin platforms from their 2003/4 season and now I know where the idea came from! Stunned. Exact copies.

  3. Swedishdrama says:

    Can someone explain “dungarees”? In the U.S. it means “jeans” which doesn’t look to be the case here. Thanks!

    • Dungarees are often denim (see Dexy’s Midnight Runners in full on ‘Come on Eileen’ mode…) but can be any fabric, they are trousers with a pinafore tab at the front, attached by straps to the back. Hope this helps!

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