Vintage Adverts: Deodorant and a free Marc Bolan poster

Scanned from 19 magazine, June 1973

So disappointed that I’m 39 years too late to get my free Marc Bolan poster. Dang.

6 Comments on “Vintage Adverts: Deodorant and a free Marc Bolan poster”

  1. Hang on… an “intimate” deodorant? Does that mean what I think it means? 🙂

    Mmm, wild rose…

  2. Yes, and my best friend got me to use the stuff – big mistake! Never felt so uncomfortable in my life – I thought bits of me were on fire, never again – didn’t realise that I might be allergic to the perfume… She thought it was the funniest thing ever and still reminds me of it now, all these decades later! And, she got the poster…

    • Amazing [coincidence, I mean], and ouchhhhh – you poor thing. Does she at least still have the poster?

      Interesting that women were basically being told they stink even back then. Why is there never a ‘dick deodorant’ for the dudes? Feminine hygiene nazis… 😉

      • Well, I will ask her – she’s coming out to see me next month (cue lots of girly laughs and gossip albeit of the middle-aged kind) and I can’t wait – it’s been six years since we last met up in Brighton and had a ball then! But, she’s not the magpie type and I bet she has long since chucked it away. .. Sob.

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