Mensday: Bowlers, brollies and birds

Photo by W. E. Carden

“The battle of the sexes in England, land of stiff upper lips and furled umbrellas – a land, in short, of Ladies and Gentlemen. Some are here seen at an Old Comrades Association parade in London’s Hyde Park in the merry month of May, where the keen eye – and camera – of W. E. Carden,  A.R.P.S. noticed this amusing little vignette.”

Scanned from Photography Year Book, 1971.

I feel an Avengers episode coming on…


3 Comments on “Mensday: Bowlers, brollies and birds”

  1. Great iconic image of the late Sixties – The ‘Establishment’ meets ‘Cultural Revolution’……and enjoying it !

  2. P Taylor says:

    Must be the Cavalry Memorial Parade, annual event every second Sunday of May. Good show!

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