Making Lingerie and Nightwear

I had three reasons to buy this glorious book from 1979: the beautiful illustrations (which I will scan at a later date), a vague idea that it might be rather cool to start making Seventies-style lingerie and lastly, that the photos within are quite spectacular. Of course, my definition of spectacular is slightly different to many people, but there are plenty of levels on which you can enjoy them.

(Published by Mills & Boon, no less!)

Unisex sleepsuits

Victorian negligee

Bra and slip

Strapless corselette

Nightwear into evening wear


6 Comments on “Making Lingerie and Nightwear”

  1. markxist says:

    The dark haired girl in pics 1,3 and 5 looks a little like a young Ruth Sheen, the actress from many a Mike Leigh film

  2. rubyfoot says:

    These are absolutely glorious.

  3. These are awesome! I’m not sure I’d want my husband going to a party in his PJ pants, though.

  4. No bust support makes me sad 😦

  5. Claire says:

    Fabulous! I just ordered a copy, and can’t wait for it to arrive so I can start sewing. Thank you for the recommendation! 🙂

  6. […] go underneath. I’ve just ordered a 1970s lingerie book, having seen the gorgeous pictures on Miss Peelpants’ blog. I can’t wait to make some pretty things when that arrives. In the meantime I can wear the […]

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