Vintage Adverts: A Bird in the Bed

Scanned from Vogue, April 1973

I’ve always wondered if the joy of having a sex-ay round bed would be totally outweighed by the task of attempting to make it up? If you can even buy sheets and duvets specifically for a round bed? I fear I may never find out…


2 Comments on “Vintage Adverts: A Bird in the Bed”

  1. Claire N says:

    I don’t get round beds either. Isn’t it just way easier to fall off? ..Is that the point?

  2. Jonh says:

    Forget about making it – try stretching out in it! Unless you are in the middle your feet will hang over the end and it gets worse the closer to the “side” you get. I slept in once in Tokyo…memorable for the wrong reasons.

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