Inspirational Images: Ironing in your undies

Left by Gossard. Right by Marks and Spencer.

A Little More Than Nothing

I must confess that I often find myself ironing in my underwear. Likewise cooking and cleaning. Seems a shame to get things dirty and creased, or myself all hot and bothered, whilst doing household chores. I fear this ‘outs’ me as rather anally retentive as far as clothes are concerned but, I don’t imagine it comes as much of a surprise to anyone.

The other thing with ironing is that I am often ironing a particular outfit at the last minute (having changed my mind fifteen times already…) and it needs to be instantly yanked on while I fly out of the door (having checked twenty times that the iron is turned off. Yes, I am also OCD). So I smiled a smile of familiarity when I saw these gorgeous photographs by Steve Hiett for Flair Magazine.

As always, Seventies undies completely trump all modern underwear as far as I am concerned…

Photographed by Steve Hiett. Scanned from Flair, August 1972

Left by Margit Brandt for Femilet. Right by Warners.

Left by Abecita. Right by Dorothy Perkins.


6 Comments on “Inspirational Images: Ironing in your undies”

  1. They look a lot more stylish than I do when I’m ironing!

  2. Oh my goodness, that Abecita set! I totally want one for myself.

    By the way, I am in love with your blog and decided to delurk and tell you so.

    • Thank you for delurking and commenting Lauren! I know, the Abecita is pretty incredible. People don’t know how to make bras like this anymore. Or, at least the bras like this are usually by swanky French brands I can’t afford 😉

  3. Sylvia says:

    Yes, whatever happened to pretty bras? Everything now is ugly as well as made out of foam, like something out of a grim Soviet-era factory. Harumph.

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