A Peek at the Boutique: John Stephen and Lady Jane

John Stephen boutique. Image © Len Fernandes.

Many, many thanks once again to the wonderful Len Fernandes, who provided us with a fantastic image of the Pussy Galore boutique on Carnaby Street (from 1971) back in April. He has now sent two further images: one of John Stephen’s many boutiques at number 33 and also of Harry Fox’s Lady Jane.

Again, these give us precious glimpses of the somewhat wilted locale; a few years before the rot set in completely, but a good few years after its mid-1960s heyday. Proof that it is always a good idea to photograph seemingly unimportant scenes and buildings, even if the importance may take a few decades to become apparent.

Please do not repost these images without full credit to Len, thank you.

Lady Jane of Carnaby Street. Image © Len Fernandes.


7 Comments on “A Peek at the Boutique: John Stephen and Lady Jane”

  1. Nora says:

    Is there a Rolls Royce just behind the carriage? What a beautiful contrast.



  2. James Fox says:

    Hi there, the photo of Lady Jane is fantastic, I love the way you can see right into the window! Harry Fox, owner of Lady jane, is my late Grandfather and I would very much like to get in contact with Len Fernandes to see if I can get a print of this photo. If you could put me in touch that would be fantastic! Many thanks, James Fox

    • Len Fernandes says:

      James Fox,

      The Lady Jane photo was scanned from an old colour slide I took in 1971 so the quality isn’t very good. I do not have an actual print. I can send you the scanned image as an email attachment if you like.

      Len Fernandes

  3. Alice Mclaren says:

    Hi I was wondering if I could buy a print or poster for my mum for lady janes in 1960’s please as she used to work there and talks about it all the to e she would be over the moon.

    Thank you so much


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