Guide to Feminine London

Illustrated by Michael Farrell. Click to enlarge.

Oh I do love a good map. Especially a fantastically illustrated map of all my favourite shops in London in 1971. It is the nearest I will ever come to being able to walk around them. Sadness ensues…

Scanned from Vanity Fair, July 1971.


2 Comments on “Guide to Feminine London”

  1. This is great!

    I think of 1971 as the tail end of that fun, Mod era. Strange to think that one morning in 1972-73 it was all over, so to speak. I guess Glam Rock is this period’s successor?

    • And fascinating that by 1971, Carnaby Street is dead. There’s NO reference to it at all, and Foale and Tuffin (once always cited as ‘just off Carnaby Street’) are very properly described as ‘Regent Street area’. It must have been considered the height of naff by then…

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