British Design Hero: Tommy Roberts

Mr Freedom interior. Photograph: JON WEALLEANS

The lovely Paul Gorman very kindly sent me some sneaky peeky previews of his much-awaited new book about Tommy Roberts (Kleptomania, Mr Freedom, City Lights etc). From what I’ve seen and read so far, this is going to be quite a ‘must have’ book for anyone interested in Sixties and Seventies fashion – and specifically, the British Boutique scene in London at the time.

Cheeky and freaky, Mr Freedom clothes are amongst my very favourites of their kind. The bright, brash shapes, colours and logos have long since moved beyond pop-art irony and into the realms of the iconic themselves. This is the first, and I’m sure will remain the only, definitive look at the life of Roberts and his various other boutiques and projects … and I actually cannot wait to have a hard copy in my hands! I will give it a full review eventually, but until then…

Rock on Tommy, rock on…

You can pre-order Mr Freedom direct from Adelita for a mere £20.

Mr Freedom hotpants, 1970. Photo: Stephen Markeson (The Sun/NI Syndication)

Derek Morton suit for City Lights, 1973. Photographed by David Parkinson


5 Comments on “British Design Hero: Tommy Roberts”

  1. Sweet Jane says:

    Fantastic preview..really looking forward to the book !

  2. Pearl says:

    They are such cheerful clothes! Will pick up the book for sure x

  3. diana crawshaw says:

    Tommy Roberts didn’t design any of the clothes at Mr Freedom,Emma,or anywhere else.Ithought you should be informed

    • Hi Diana,

      Clearly this is an inadvertent wording issue which I have now corrected, although I certainly didn’t state that Tommy designed any of the clothes – I know this – and was simply coming from the angle of his involvement as a visionary and a ‘curator’.

      I have great respect for you as a designer and am looking forward to knowing more about all the other designers’ involvement in Tommy’s projects when I read the book.

      I should point out that this wasn’t meant to be any kind of in depth review of the book, or a blog about the intricate history of Roberts’s ventures, just a preview piece. Hopefully a full review will follow when the book is published.

      Best wishes, Liz

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