There’s something special, something quite delicious about an original hang tag. It’s always best if it’s still attached to the garment in question but, if (like me) you would struggle to find the heart to remove it, buying a lovingly kept and preserved hang tag – for a long-since discarded frock – is almost as good.

I bought these tags completely separately on eBay, but they show the change from the early Ossie for Radley label (1969-72ish) to the more deco-inspired one (c.1973-74). And, while I’m very aesthetically pleased by the block brown and grey rectangles of the earlier one, I am completely besotted with the Forties-inspired illustration on the later one. This one was featured in Richard Lester’s Boutique London book, and I am happy to bring you a larger version to enjoy. Yum.

Scanned and owned by Miss Peelpants.

2 Comments on “Tagged!”

  1. Victoria says:

    Wow, this is some original street style photography! Saluting John Hendry right now…

  2. […] garment I own; I bought it at the same time as the illustrated Ossie Clark one I mentioned back in March. I do have a superb Fiorucci outfit for sale over at Vintage-a-Peel though, which doesn’t […]

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