Inspirational Illustrations: Elizabeth Arden

Scanned from Harpers and Queen, June 1973.


4 Comments on “Inspirational Illustrations: Elizabeth Arden”

  1. Mondo says:

    On the subject of make up – have you checked out the latest Plectrum – the Cultural Pick? features Joe Corré on his new British beauty brand, Illamasqua? Dig about in the centrefold and back pages – you'll find me covering Annabel Dee and doing music reviews..

  2. rubyfoot says:

    I used to go through the big red door on Bond Street to buy my false eyelashes there. The Elizabeth Arden ones were the longest you could get! They were totally amazing …but in retrospect I think they might have been just a teensy bit drag-queen

  3. Quel regard!…Gros bisous

  4. ak says:

    This ad in a way looks like a pretty and female version of the original ad posters for the A Clockwork Orange film and if that poster is one from the 70s you can bet your bottom dollar that they probably were trying to copy A Clockwork Orange’s artistic feel.

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