Inspirational Images: Molly Parkin by James Wedge


5 Comments on “Inspirational Images: Molly Parkin by James Wedge”

  1. What a peach! I worked with Molly in those days and being within her orbit was deeply unsettling – her aura was of pure sex. She was, as we say today of digital media, "always on".

  2. Mondo says:

    Wow – it looks like a Roxy Music single sleeve

  3. rubyfoot says:

    A happy 80th to a truly original dame!@ Shapersofthe80s…I sat next to Molly at a dinner party in the mid 70s and by the time desert was served she thought the conversation was a bit pedestrian so she scooped her left breast out of her low cut gown and plonked it onto her desert plate all the while beaming around the table with her trademark 'what a clever girl I am' expession.

  4. Delightfully as mad as a bag of spanners, that's how I remember her…

  5. rubyfoot says:

    OMG! I wrote desert when it should be DESSERT!! Sorry: (

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