Banish those February blues

Stirling Cooper (click to view listing)

Seems the diabolical month of January has given the world something of a February hangover. I just want the world to be filled with beautiful, sparkly things. I offer you sparkly Biba and Stirling Cooper, psychedelic perfection, mod heaven, sultry Biba blues and vibrant Varonishness. Amongst other things, of course. Enjoy!

Gerald McCann (click to view listing)

Angela Gore (click to view listing)

Betty Barclay (click to view listing)

Act III (click to view listing)

Biba (click to view listing)

Onzeur Trant (click to view listing)

Detail of amazing pink moss crepe dress (click to view listing)

Van Allan (click to view listing)

John Bates for Jean Varon (click to view listing)

(click to view listing)

Biba (click to view listing)

Jean Allen (click to view listing)

Jeff Banks for Clobber (click to view listing)

(click to view listing)


4 Comments on “Banish those February blues”

  1. All lovely, but my fave is the green John Bates – I'm a sucker for a bare shoulder or two…Carol

  2. Perdita says:

    Want want want.Especially the Clobber dress and the one-shoulder disco number.*waits for payday…*

  3. Hi I have a Twiggy dress labled Twiggy, How much do you think I can get for it? It is in great condition, green and beige – I think it is woolDo you have any suggestions?

  4. Debra says:

    I love that gold wrap top or is it a jacket. I just know I love it and I want it and I also like that black dress with the little bolero looking jacket.

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