Vintage Adverts: Very Diana Rigg, very Sanderson

From 1973

There are elements that I like here, but I can’t decide whether I prefer Diana’s pad or Britt’s groovier Sanderson-decked dining room. Someone’s just going to have to donate a large house to me, so I can decorate each room in a different style and make up my mind…



4 Comments on “Vintage Adverts: Very Diana Rigg, very Sanderson”

  1. Perdita says:

    Love it! The patterns, dark shades, wood, glass…just to my taste.

  2. Miss Rayne says:

    love the general ambience but not the colour. Britts blue / moon base is much more my thing.

  3. I think Britt's, though I would be happy with either!

  4. […] I do love this series of Sanderson adverts, including Diana Rigg and Britt Ekland, and this four poster bed with its most extraordinary Biba-esque Art Deco inspired […]

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