Leaf design bra (£2.75) and pants (90p) by Triumph

Underwear need not just be functional, it can be beautiful too. So with fashion becoming ladylike on top, perhaps it’s time to show some style and imagination on what you wear underneath.

From Honey magazine, December 1974. Photos by Monty Coles.

I want it all.

Images scanned by Miss Peelpants 

Twenties-style slip by Proper Pride (£4.35)

Cami-knickers by Janet Reger (£19.50)


2 Comments on “Loungerie”

  1. Vix says:

    I love vintage Triumph, my first bra was one of those semi-sheer numbers!I wish they made such pretty things now, I hate padded bras. x

  2. […] to announce the launch of Loungerie at Vintage-a-Peel. The name is inspired by a spread from Honey Magazine which I posted a while back, and the stock is inspired by all my very favourite underwear […]

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