Larking around with Diana Rigg

Diana and costume designer Alun Hughes

I came across this series of photos ages ago, and there’s something about the sheer volume of them which entertains me greatly. She looks like she’s having a jolly good time, larking around with the random chaps she has been thrown together with in the studio. I think they were mainly promotional photos for her outfits so, other than costume designer Alun Hughes, I guess the guys were just there for slightly unhinged, eccentric, Avengerland good measure…

Diana with British boxer Billy Walker

Diana with Avengers stunt coordinator Ray Austin (left)

Diana with jockey Josh Gifford

Plus rogue bottom-spanking photo with unidentified gentleman…


5 Comments on “Larking around with Diana Rigg”

  1. Un grand sourire pour la fin…Afin que tout soit possible y compris le bonheur pour 2012…gros bisous

  2. Miss Rayne says:

    Lots of fun, I don't like all the costumes in this series but the 2 piece with flared trousers is good from this selection, I also really like a bright pink coat and dress she wore early in the series. but some of it was just a bit ho-hum.

  3. Tarkus says:

    Really Groovy Pictures…..Best Wishes!

  4. […] On An Avenger An unidentified gentleman spanks Diana Rigg. Via; found via this post on Emmapeeler […]

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