Thank God for the Seventies…

…for providing me with the only Christmas songs I can deal with, aside from certain carols. I can’t even take the Nutcracker suite due to extreme over-familiarity. So the only ones I can really bear are from the Seventies. I’m not anti-Christmas, I am merely anti-schmaltz.

Plus bonus Legs and Co Christmas routine to ‘Funky Town’. I would like a fairy dressed like them on top of my Christmas tree, as would, I suspect, most men…


3 Comments on “Thank God for the Seventies…”

  1. Perdita says:

    It's not Christmas until Noddy says IIITTTTS CHRIIIIISSSTMAAAAASSS! 🙂

  2. Mondo says:

    Have a good one Miss PP, and look forward to more glam 'n' good stuff in 2012..Couple of bits for you..our Christmas Podcast (with plenty o' 70s references)Some fab ad's And Marc at Christmas

  3. Thank you Mr Mondo!! Love the Marc, looking forward to listening to the podcast when I have a day off, and I also [unsurprisingly] love the psychedelic advertising post. Perdita, I quite, quite agree. God bless Noddy Holder…

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