Man’s eye view of The Midi

Hilarious two-page spread from Flair Magazine, January 1971.

It’s easy to forget just how ludicrously over-hyped the whole mini, midi, maxi debate was as it “raged” through the United Kingdom in the late Sixties, early Seventies. Rather like similarly ludicrous ‘debates’ and ‘trends’ of the here and now, although I suspect I will feel more queasy when, in my Sixties, I’m re-reading articles about the merits of wearing pyjamas in public, skinny jeans (yes, they suit everyone…no, wait, they don’t suit everyone. Bring back the flare!) and the whole harem pant (a.k.a Poo-catcher) debacle. Actually, wait, they all make me feel queasy now anyway.

I wish modern newspapers would always make sure to get the opinion of a ‘freaked out hippie’, a ‘pipe smoker’ and a ‘retired boozer’, it would make life far more enjoyable.

Who’s Right?


4 Comments on “Man’s eye view of The Midi”

  1. Miss Rayne says:

    Who wants to see a girls breakfast everytime she sits down' !! fantastic!

  2. Claire says:

    I should feel the world improved if two men in velvet dungarees and nothing else were always on hand to give opinions, personally.Freaked out hippie IS a good one, though.

  3. Perdita says:

    Portugese Bar Tender…oh he prefers minis…hahaha! I'm imagining a shmoove talker in an Algarve hotel with many bed post notches!!I have never heard of hareem pants being called 'poo catchers' before but it is a term I shall now hold forever in my mind. I have a pair of 'poo catchers', you'll be glad to hear they have never caught any poo. 😉

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