Vintage Adverts: Hairsprays and Dressing Tables

Advert for Wella. Scanned from Flair, October 1972.

This advert pleases me on so many levels. Her hair, her décor, her artfully jumbled dressing table, the Russian doll, the giant die, the solitary stick of chewing gum….

Best of all, I have that mirror! I occasionally see it in vintage/antique/charity shops for anything between £20 and £50. Mine was a charity shop score many, many years ago for a mere fiver. It currently resides elsewhere on semi-permanent loan (due to my having a beloved Thirties walnut dressing table with integral mirror) but it is still a treasured piece of Seventies haute naffness.

It’s not the first time I’ve spotted it though; a near identical one appears in Blakes 7 as a mirror-come-communicator and is used suitably flamboyantly by the great Jacqueline Pearce. I must admit that I have never managed to contact anyone through it, so I cannot guarantee its efficiency. Ha!


6 Comments on “Vintage Adverts: Hairsprays and Dressing Tables”

  1. Vix says:

    I've got that mirror, too! I didn't realise I could communicate through it, I may have to reinstate it from the bathroom to somewhere more fitting. x

  2. And don't forget Farah's Harrogate Toffee tin – the blue and silver tin – although why anyone so groovy would want to eat toffee…must have been given to her by her Nan to store her false eyelashes in…

  3. Perdita says:

    My nanna stored her pins and spare buttons in a Harrogate Toffee tin. I spotted it right away!

  4. Miss Rayne says:

    haha I too have that mirror, we are going to have to try a three way link up….

  5. Lise.silva says:

    That is one fantastic mirror. Funny how that happens. I saw a few identical copies of 70s era knick knacks from my childhood home (in the US) in some charity shops in England a few months ago. I couldn't believe it.

  6. laurakitty says:

    Oh gosh, that room and girl are perfect!

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