Guy Day: Alan Bates

Clothes by Gieves

While Oliver Reed is my declared rugged-actor-of-choice, I must admit that Alan Bates looks pretty hot in this feature from Vogue, September 1973. Not only are the tweedy, wooly clothes damn sexy, but he’s also got a red setter – my dream dog! Perfection…

Photos by John Vere Brown.

Alan Bates, photographed in his native Derbyshire, wearing the kind of country cashmeres and tweeds that the British do so well. He’s now in his first season with the Royal Shakespeare Company at Stratford playing Petruchio in The Taming of The Shrew. He had previously completed over two years in the title role of Butley—first in London, when he won the 1971 Evening Standard Best Actor Award, then in New York where he collected a Tony Award, and earlier this year shooting the film version to be released here after its premiere in the States in October.

Clothes by Burberry

Clothes by Jaeger

Clothes by Jaeger


3 Comments on “Guy Day: Alan Bates”

  1. One of the true sex-bombs of British cinema when boundaries of sexual expression were being pushed in the 60s and 70s. All these tweeds remind me of Ted Burgess in the Go-Between, one of the series of simmering and lushly English Losey/Pinter dramas – teamed with Julie Christie, herself the cool blonde hottie of Brit films….. Not forgetting Bates's Gabriel Oak in Far from the Madding Crowd before that, also with Christie…. Nor, indeed, Birkin in Women in Love before that. Fans of both sexes found themselves saying Phwoarr.

  2. Ivy Black says:

    God, Alan Bates. What a man! The Go Between is such a wonderful film and now I have the theme in my

  3. Swedishdrama says:

    Alan Bates. Oliver Reed. Rawwwrrrr. That is all. 🙂

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