Vintage Adverts: Strictly for lids

Aha!! So who really invented eye crayons, eh? Was it Boots or Mary Quant? Mary Quant or Boots? We’ll probably never know, but I’m willing to place a bet that the Boots ones worked better*…

Scanned from 19 Magazine. September 1974

*I speak from experience. My nan worked in the factory where the Quant ones were made and I attempted to use them in my teens. They were, frankly, useless.


3 Comments on “Vintage Adverts: Strictly for lids”

  1. Miss Rayne says:

    I used to use those, but not to such effect, love top right.

  2. Penny says:

    Hokey Smokes! Ever since I had my baby, I've embraced the inner Stevie Nicks in me and have constantly stopped by your blog to get from inspirations from your posts!! Love it!!!

  3. ak says:

    How come a lot of the 70s and 80s pharmacy brand makeup in print ads like this one and old TV ads on YouTube look way more pigmented than some of the pharmacy brand makeup of today? Have you ever seen the Boots No. 7 makeup ad from the early 80s with Sophie Ward in it? The makeup in that is really pigmented looking on her too.

    Even Biba’s old original makeup was very pigmented and rich looking for back then too.

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