The Colour Craze

Green says Biba. Photo by Caroline Arber.

All the top beauty talent is currently colour-crazy – and we’re very much for it; it’s a fabulous enlivener of the grey winter scene. Your party look could be a variant of any of the gloriously off-beat ideas you see here – and anyone who considers green lips unnatural might dwell, briefly, on the knock-you-down naturalness of bright plum or orange ones.

Vanity Fair, December 1971

Violet says Pablo – Elizabeth Arden’s ebullient young creative director.

Rainbow hair says Michael at Crimpers. Photo by Steve Hiett.

Any colours you like says Vanity Fair, using Mary Quant’s crayons. Photo by Didier Duval.


5 Comments on “The Colour Craze”

  1. I remember those coloured lipsticks from Biba. Think most of them just left a hint of sparkle though.

  2. Miss Marie says:

    Beautiful inspiration pictures! Thanks for sharing.

  3. MrJeffery says:

    love the creative use of green in the first pic.

  4. Love the green lips.Fast forward 40 years, and my GroupieGirl has every conceivable colour of lippy/nail varnish EXCEPT traditional red…

  5. Vix says:

    I remember playing with my Mum's Mary Quant crayons as a little girl! x

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