Guy Day: J. Antony Redmile

Would you buy ‘objects’ from this man? Is this the worst advert of all time, or the best? My answers would be ‘yes, indeed’ and ‘the latter’, but clearly my taste cannot be trusted where the Seventies are concerned (judging by a few snarky comments I’ve had regarding my blog over the past year…). J. Antony Redmile, I like your style (but not your beard).

Scanned from Harpers and Queen, October 1974.

7 Comments on “Guy Day: J. Antony Redmile”

  1. brownwindsor says:

    The best LP cover ever and the best advert of all time in two consecutive posts? You're on blogging fire!Mr Redmile seems to be still trading, now in the Kings Road. I bet he cuts a fine figure to this day.

  2. I wonder if he still sits jauntily upon his 'objects'. Or perhaps he's not actually selling anything, he just wishes to declare to the world that he objects. To people criticising his beard, horny seating arrangements or stacked heels…

  3. Amy Seager says:

    What an epic advert! I hate it but love it! Check out the heels on his shoes too! hehe. Thanks for sharing!I've put a new friday favourites on my blog today so come and check it out!LoveAmyx

  4. Galine says:

    hahaha! is it wrong that i love it?? even the beard? i mean, it takes a certain amount of not caring to sport a beard like that. also, to make sitting on a bull sculpture (?) look very relaxing & the place to be, is pretty impressive. 😉

  5. Perdita says:

    It's the haughty look that gets me.'Objects'. So pretentious it's actually kind of endearing.

  6. I don't know whether it's the best or the worst, but it's certainly the funniest. I sure want to check out the rest of his 'objects'…. It's amazing that he actually stayed in business after this advert.I might visit his King's Road shop next time I'm in London.

  7. […] Needless to say, I desire all of these interiors but particularly Thea’s incredible mirrored dining room. Phwoar. And yes, it is also another insight into the mysterious Mr Antony Redmile – who we have met before… […]

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