Wild about prints

Jacket by Kleptomania

The season of mists gets shattered into life in the riot of autumn’s wide-awake prints in all the colours of the rainbow.
Petticoat, October 1969. Photographed by Paul Misso.

Dress by Georgina Linhart from the Victoria and Albert Boutique, W.8. Silk printed scarf by Kleptomania.

Patchwork print trousers and tie top by Clobber. Blue and white print dress by Quorum.

Black and white flowery dress by Angela Gore. White boots by Sacha. Red and orange cord dress and scarf by Angela Gore. Jacket by Kleptomania.

Dress by Sujon.


6 Comments on “Wild about prints”

  1. Miss Rayne says:

    Where did that Victorian/wench look come from? is 1969 its earliest appearance?I suffered a lot from this style of kids party dress in the early 70s and am only just beginning to appreciate the adult version.

  2. Another thing from the "Forgotten Late '60s-Early '70s" Dept: Maxi dresses were about as popular as minis were, but because less flesh is flashed, the former tends to get shoved aside in favor of the increasingly myopic view of history.Don't know why I point these things out all the time; they do fascinate me, though…

  3. Une époque que j'ai beaucoup aimée…bisous

  4. Lena says:

    Picture number 2 is amazing – I so want the headscarf!

  5. I love the yellow tights. I wore mine with a blue smock that had that yellow in 2 patch pockets at the front. That must have been 1971 I think. Ho hum…

  6. Lise.silva says:

    Oh my… That top pictured jacket is to die for. I so love embroidery and I think part of the fascination is imagining the time and patience– even for those that used a machine!– to create and execute those elaborate designs.

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