Tweedy Autumn Perfection

Skirt by Sujon. Polo by John Craig. Beret by Kangol. Scarf from Van der Fransen.

This spread is everything I love about Autumn and Winter, and how I am often attired. Interesting clothes: textures, colours and embellishments; hats, scarves, tights etc. But sometimes I seem to forget to post more daywear spreads, I suppose because they were often less interestingly photographed and displayed; sometimes even borderline chaotic. But I don’t see why that needs or needed to be. Daytimes can be the most expressive times for me…

This shoot is particularly beautiful and, for me, inspirational.

Photos by Bill Klein. Petticoat, November 1974

Skirt by Wallis Shops. Polo by John Craig. Beret by Kangol. Scarf from Van der Fransen. Shoes by Saxone.

Skirt by Wallis. Sweater by Mushroom. Beret by Kangol. Scarf from Van der Fransen. Sox by Kickers. Saxone shoes.

Skirt by Left Bank. Sweater by John Craig. Beret by Kangol. Scarf from “208″ SW10. Shoes by Saxone

Skirt by City Swingers. Sweater from Leaves. Quant sox. Shoes by Elliott.

Tweed skirt and hat from Bombacha. Polo from Dorothy Perkins. Shoes by Saxone.

Velvet skirt by Stirling Cooper. Shirt by John Craig. Waistcoat from Dorothy Perkins. Beret from Marida.


9 Comments on “Tweedy Autumn Perfection”

  1. Frocktasia says:

    These fabulous pics are like a 'HOW TO DO' of heritage chic. I love traditional fabrics for autumn. You can't go wrong in a bit of stylish tartan or plaid in my opinion. x

  2. Miss Rayne says:

    Want Want Want! yes even the golf jumper. I think this has to be one of my favourite looks of all time, I did it the first time round and am doing it again.

  3. gosh these colors are delicious. i especially love that tweed skirt xxxx

  4. Vix says:

    Like Miss Rayne, that's very much how Mum dressed me as a child and I love it. Very inspirational. I usually shy away from midi skirts but I'm going to brave them after seeing how fabulously glam they can look. x

  5. Lovely skirts i just love how you put everything together – lovely pics you have there – Ariane xWWW.STYLESUD-EST.BLOGSPOT.COM

  6. The wonderful Vivienne Lynn. Proper icon.

  7. so nice and cozy! Now I want to find vintage Kangols

  8. Suzy says:

    Thanks for sharing these pics. They're great inspiration for autumnwear!

  9. Lena says:

    The socks! The berets! Amazing!x

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