Mensday: Advertisements, 1969/70

It’s been a while since I posted some sharp menswear adverts. All are culled from Telegraph Magazines from 1969/70.

“..designed for men to get birds in sight and girls over barrels.” -Yikes!

And, finally, he’s really not the most swinging of dudes, but I have to admire a man who wears a bri-nylon shirt and tie on a tropical island…

5 Comments on “Mensday: Advertisements, 1969/70”

  1. brownwindsor says:

    Ah, Mensday.There is something distinctly post-coital about the St Michael one.

  2. Perdita says:

    Bri-Nylon man is so cool he doesn't even take his TIE off on a tropical island. That's just how he rolls. And the ladies seem to love it.

  3. Oh man. I keep having to talk my retro loving boyfriend OUT of wearing turtle necks under sports coats! I am definitely NOT showing him this! LOL Cheers, Kara of

  4. laurakitty says:

    It really isn't fair that men no longer dress like this…*pouts*

  5. Laura, the weight of responsibility hangs heavily on a handful of dudes who want to dress like this nowadays. Including Mr Brownwindsor there.I occasionally see them walking among us; I must start going over and hugging them when I do!

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