Prêt à regarder

Alice Pollock

Phew! That was a long break. I’ve finally got the first batch of Autumn/Winter clothes up over at Vintage-a-Peel, and there are some KILLER items for you. I’m very excited to be offering Ossie Clark, Alice Pollock, Aristos, Biba, Terry de Havilland, The Chelsea Cobbler, Janice Wainwright and two incredible hats by Edward Mann (and those are only the big names!). Plenty more to come, so stay tuned and, meanwhile, enjoy!!

Hilary Floyd
Aristos of Carnaby Street
The Chelsea Cobbler
Pussy Cat by Carla Jane
Ricci Michaels
Terry de Havilland
A Downs Model
Ossie Clark for Radley
Edward Mann
Frank Usher
Edward Mann
Janice Wainwright for Simon Massey

2 Comments on “Prêt à regarder”

  1. Frocktasia says:

    KILLER items indeed, that Alice Pollock creation has just jabbed me in the heart with a lust dagger.You've got some splendid stock there my dear…if only I had the mullah, I'd be adding them all to my virtual shopping basket ;)Lot's of love,JenniexXx

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