Too bad you’re so beautiful…

Real bassists sweat

Two years ago, I doubted I would ever actually want to see Duran Duran live again. Not because they were any kind of disappointment, quite the opposite. I simply doubted that I would ever see them so ‘up close’ again, and I’m no fan of the stadium rock gig. Then Simon Le Bon came down with a very scary-sounding throat infection this summer. It postponed all of their UK gigs, but luckily for me it meant that they decided to ease themselves back into gigging with a handful of small, intimate gigs in some slightly obscure venues.

My ladies Senti and Charley were my trusty companions for the third, and penultimate, gig at the Trinity Centre in Bristol; a venue so unassuming it was almost unbelievable. I can safely say that I NEVER thought I would EVER see Duran Duran in a tiny, grubby, sweaty little venue in a dodgy part of Bristol. Sweaty, seriously sweaty. As Le Bon himself said when he came blinking onto a tiny stage, which was once the altar of this former church, they haven’t played gigs like this since 1981!

He tries to hide, but I finally managed to get a photo of Roger!

As a largely fan-orientated and populated gig, it was also an almost unique experience of people actually wanting to hear the band’s new music. Of course you could almost sense people wetting themselves at the performance of obscurities like Tiger Tiger, Shadows Are on Your Side, Secret Oktober and [the less obscure but I’d never heard it live…] Union of the Snake, but everyone seemed to know and love their new album, All You Need is Now, which is a definite return to form under the producership of Mr Mark Ronson.
Despite standing still most of the time, this was the only non-blurry Nick shot I got. I apologise. He has also attempted to blend completely with the background. Perhaps to avoid being attacked with badges and shoes…

As much as I wished to coo over my third favourite man in the world, John Taylor, I was also aware that the poor guy has some seriously scary fans and I feared for the safety of my hair and my eyes. So I opted to stick with my girls over on the right hand side of the stage. We decided that it was right and proper that Nick Rhodes had three stylish girls to look out at (although Charley and I were still talking about attacking him with badges and shoes as revenge for our whole Lovebox experience) and we ended up being right at the front, bags and coats on the stage. No barriers? At a Duran gig? Are you serious?

Rowr. Etc….
Actual view without zoom and without flash.
Proximity to Duran equipment and slight Bowie-fangirl moment…

It was definitely one of the best gigs I’ve ever been to and I’m praying that they decide small warm-ups are worth continuing with. I feel very fortunate.

Sweaty Le Betty

3 Comments on “Too bad you’re so beautiful…”

  1. Helga! says:

    Squee! I was a massive Durannie from 14-18,saw them in Sydney in 84!!! I still get a bit starry eyed over Simon,I must admit! XXX

  2. Perdita says:

    WOW! That's close!! Sounds great.

  3. WendyB says:

    Ooh, I'm so jealous!

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