Short and Sweet

I feel sad for the summer which never quite came to these shores. We had some nice days early on, but nothing consistent. I’m no sun worshipper, and I freely admit to preferring autumn, but it would have been nice to have been out and about a little more frequently in a little less clothing. I’m considering a little seaside jaunt in October, so I’ll just have to wear this kind of gear with some thick tights, hat and a coat over the top.

Stunning illustrations from 19 Magazine, May 1971, by Michael Roberts. I did a little reading up on Roberts, and he seems like a fascinating, Renaissance-style man. I pay far more attention to the names of illustrators these days, for obvious reasons, and it’s always nice to discover something about these all-too-often unsung artists.


3 Comments on “Short and Sweet”

  1. Vix says:

    I'm gutted if that's it, I'm hoping for at laest another week of sunshine before the dreaded opaques make an appearance. x

  2. Miss Rayne says:

    Yeah, we were all joking in April – make the most of it this may be all we get – never a truer word said:(

  3. Smashingbird says:

    What an adorable spread. Although I usually wish the summer away, I've really enjoyed the sunshine this year & hope we'll have just a little bit more before it's time to pull the furs out! xx

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