Gotta Lotta Totty

As a great lover of milk, peanut butter, cream and raisins (and as a complete sucker for being sold something through the medium of vintage glamour and sex) I feel I must try this drink soon. I wonder if I can insert some rum somewhere along the way as well?

Advert from 1979.

It’s one of those slightly lost concepts, which must seem bizarre to modern eyes. The government protecting and promoting a basic product like milk or eggs, without it being for a particular brand? Madness! My godfather even worked for the Milk Marketing Board, which is now sadly defunct (although The Dairy Council still exists). I still covet a replacement set of ‘Gotta Lotta Bottle’ glasses, which were a staple part of my childhood. Needless to say, all the heavy advertising must have worked well on my impressionable young mind, because I still drink far too much of the stuff.

Hunting around for an example advert, I discovered that the gorgeous Legs and Co were in one and, of course, I simply have to post it here.


2 Comments on “Gotta Lotta Totty”

  1. Mo says:

    I remember that tv advert, I also remember the 'watch out watch out theres a Humphry about' campaign for unigate. Rogue stripey straws drinking up your milk!

  2. Milk's gotta lotta bottle?Nah…a *bottle's* gotta lotta *milk*… 🙂

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