Mensday: Mr Fish

Ahhhhhh. Another dose of fabulous from the same great Youtube uploader who gave us the Ossie, Biba, Mary Quant and Mr Freedom (and then a whole other bunch) ‘London Aktuell’ videos. Mr Fish introduces his own collection, filmed in a deserted street with creepy mannequins and perfectly dressed dandies…


7 Comments on “Mensday: Mr Fish”

  1. PP you are a star! Where would we be without your eagle eyes? What a gobsmacker of a promo video from Michael Fish you have unearthed (within minutes, it seems, of its being posted at YouTube)! Bet you a fiver all those Shoreditch trendies will be staging their next runway shows outdoors in slum streets in homage to Mr Fish.Hey PP, do you also remember Joseph Losey's tongue-in-chic movie Modesty Blaise, where Terence Stamp modelled Fish fashions?

  2. Mondo says:

    Love the powder blue suit. It's not a million miles from Bowie's Life On Mars whistle

  3. This is amazing, thanks for posting it!I love a black frock and a hat at 1:43, so typical for Mr.Fish.I've seen hat like that somewhere before, probably in my fashion & dress history classes, i think it is inspired by russian peasant dress. but i might be wrong….I love the use of urban wasteland in 60's fashion photography.

  4. I haven't seen Modesty Blaise, but I believe tis on my [stupidly long] Lovefilm list!

  5. annesaneries says:

    Oh I love this clip, so fab! Well done for spotting it xx

  6. Smashingbird says:

    Can it get any better than a chap in Mr fish? x

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