Wunderlich in Pink

Oh lordy. I cannot believe how long it’s been since I last blogged, nor how sporadic my blogging has been. It’s been one of the most all-consuming jobs I’ve done in a long while, and left me more than a little numb inside. Only the thought of getting back to blogging and vintage-ing has kept me going!

So I’m easing myself back in gently (I finish tomorrow night, thank goodness) with a little toe-in-the-water blog post.

I like to think of myself as someone who is developing a nice collection of tasty vinyl (mainly Roxy Music and Fox recently…I’m moving on to Living in a Box next, just to maintain the rhyme), of course. But occasionally I simply have to buy something just for the amazing cover. Everyone knows the Top of the Pops albums, and their variations, so I try to scout out the more unusual ones. Although it’s hard to justify beyond ‘it’s for the blog’ and then I forget to scan them in. Like this one. Someone had obviously had a major Wunderlich clearout, but I couldn’t justify buying a whole bunch of dodgy-looking Seventies women at £1.50 a pop. So I picked my favourite, and she’s definitely the least dodgy-looking. She’s pretty incredible, to be honest, and I just couldn’t get over the pinkness. Enjoy!


8 Comments on “Wunderlich in Pink”

  1. Miss PP! – Surprised you missed a reference to one of the most sparkling numbers in a film musical, Think Pink from the immaculate Funny Face, which takes Astaire & Hepburn on a romantic tour of Paris in 1957, to the music of Gershwin in costumes by Edith Head. Think Pink is rendered by Kay Thompson as the Diana Vreeland-like editor of the smartest fashion magazine delivering her editorial “to the women of America – no, make that to women everywhere!” – a vintage precursor for The Devil Wears Prada. View a fab clip at youTube:http://youtu.be/zcCN6XA61Es

  2. Hehe, Hammond Pops had great covers. I think my grandpa had a few, I wish I'd claimed them at the time xx

  3. Swedishdrama says:

    Who is that model? She looks so familiar…

  4. Claire says:

    It can be so hard to resist a good cover. And that one really is! Pink stockings!

  5. Miss Rayne says:

    Love these covers, the Mr got a box full at the local charity shop a couple of years back, top of the pops, Hammond, woolworths, I was all for pasting them on the wall….

  6. brownwindsor says:

    Hanoi Rocks, Ultravox …. please God there have to be better ways to keep a rhyme alive than Living in a Box.

  7. Well, yes, I could have said 'John Foxx' but I thought Living in a Box was funnier. I fear you may disown me now though…The model certainly is familiar. She's like a cross between Kari-Ann Muller and Peggy Moffitt. I'm always open to new suggestions from model geeks though!

  8. Masha says:

    Funny how this is exactly the pink version of a Brigitte Bardot photoshoot (which has been copied countless times). It's pretty nonetheless !

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