Mild Sauce: Tip toes

Shoes by Terry de Havilland

I would kill for those heels in the above photo. Both photos are by John Thornton and scanned from Masterpieces of Erotic Photography. I seem to spend a lot of time on my tip-toes, either forced on me by high-heels or just naturally. People think it’s funny, cute or weird, depending on who they are…

7 Comments on “Mild Sauce: Tip toes”

  1. Smashingbird says:

    Ooo-er! How delicious, I'd kill for those heels and that figure! xx

  2. Perdita says:

    I love those heels…but the building-hands in the other one are a little creepy.

  3. Vix says:

    Jon's got that book, the dirty devil!I walk around on tip toes, too. How odd are we? x

  4. Weird!! In the last photo with the hands through the ceiling! Just been talking about hold-ups today on my blog!

  5. Ooh fab. The woman in the first photo is rather androgenous in shape, eh. Confusing…

  6. Vix, but he's got great taste! 😉 This era of nude photography/erotica is so much sexier than anything I see now. Not least because they've all got their own breasts etc!!

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