Chinoiserie, Japonisme… it’s all the same to Honey Magazine!

Ahhhh. Random cultural eclecticism. The backbone of the fashion world. Good to know some things never change; titling your spread ‘Chinoiserie’ and then referring to Geishas, kimonos and Karate. Good old Honey. Regardless, it’s a beautiful spread full of beautiful clothes. I’m very passionate about loungewear, because I work from home and it’s my equivalent of a sexy, tailored work suit. What I wouldn’t give for those Crowthers pieces…
I resent being termed a ‘layabout’ though. The cheek!
Photos by Morgan Rank. Honey, December 1970


6 Comments on “Chinoiserie, Japonisme… it’s all the same to Honey Magazine!”

  1. I adored Honey magazine.. it was my inspiration to grow up .. Love these pics xx

  2. Mondo says:

    Those interiors are as fab as the clobber..

  3. Hah! That made me chuckle that chinoiserie and japoneserie have been collapsed together. . nevertheless, I'm quite wanting to have a kimono and geisha-themed event! x

  4. WendyB says:

    OMG! When I got Henry the dog from the pound he was named SUSHI. And he's a Pekingese! Not the same country!

  5. laurakitty says:

    That Crowthers dressing gown is exquisite! I really need to start dressing in satin dressing gowns and pajamas around the house…And I also adore the silvered walls.

  6. I loved Honey too. I would wear everything here. I'm particularly taken with the Zandra Rhodes turban and scarf and the gold kimono in the last picture xx

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