Inspirational Images: Dungarees and Rabbits

Sundress by Universal Witness. Shoes by Sacha. Bag by Miss Mouse.
Scanned from 19 Magazine, May 1972. Photographed by Franz Gruber.
I am currently en Paris with Mr Brownwindsor, celebrating my impending doom birthday tomorrow! I wish I had the Miss Mouse bunny bag, but I’m hoping to wear my nursery print Miss Mouse dress while I’m there. I’ll show you all when I return!

9 Comments on “Inspirational Images: Dungarees and Rabbits”

  1. Frocktasia says:

    Nursery print dress that sounds interesting, can't wait to see it. Hope you have a fab time & a cracker of a doomsday ;)xXx

  2. Mo says:

    Hope you have a fabulous time in Paris. I'd love some of those girls shoes in that picture.

  3. Perdita says:

    That whole look is FANTASTIC – kitsch, cute, 70s… pure inspiration for summer!

  4. Vix says:

    I wish I had those green shoes!Hope you're both having a brilliant time in Paris. xxx

  5. Smashingbird says:

    What a super pic, you simply must show us some pics of you in the Miss Mouse frock! xx

  6. Great pic! Love it :)Happy B-Day!!

  7. Re says:

    Mega jealous you are off to Paris.Have ana amazing time!

  8. Retro Chick says:

    Arrrghhh! Stupid Blogger comment thing! I am not Re, I am Retro Chick!

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