Mild Sauce: The Ostentatious Orgasm

The Ostentatious Orgasm by Wendy Buttrose. Cosmopolitan Magazine, July 1972

Possibly the finest, sexiest illustration I’ve ever encountered. And, just to add to the sheer sauce, the illustrator is called Wendy Buttrose. I can’t help but think of the gorgeous Wendy Brandes and her beloved ‘Ass Flower‘ dress.


8 Comments on “Mild Sauce: The Ostentatious Orgasm”

  1. WendyB says:

    BWAHHHH! Best! Name! Evah!

  2. I remember these illustrations were really popular in mags from the early 70s – I'm dying to read the article!!

  3. That is one hot illustration!

  4. Smashingbird says:

    This is fabulous, is it wrong that I wish I had heart shaped nipples too? xx

  5. "is it wrong that I wish I had heart shaped nipples too"Not at all! There's something quite Mr Freedom-label-y about it too…

  6. Smashingbird says:

    Haha good! Wasn't it a Wesselman design on the Mr Freedom label – love his stuff sooo sexyyy. x

  7. Makes a girl pine for some heart shaped pasties! I can't help but continue to hoard my massive collection of vintage mags specifically because of stuff like this. Thanks for sharing!Buttfully yours, Kara of Fancy That

  8. […] of the shirts comes from a shop called ‘Guy’. Amazing illustrations by none other than Wendy Buttrose*, and what I wouldn’t give to get hold of some of those incredible […]

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