Mensday: The Loves of Laurence Harvey

The timings of my acquisitions are most bizarre sometimes. For instance, last week I bought a copy of ‘Everywoman’ in my aforementioned Snooper’s Paradise session in Brighton. Contained within was an interview with Laurence Harvey about his failed marriage to Margaret Leighton. I knew I had to scan it for Mensday; his look was far too awesome not to show you. But then barely a week later, I received a copy of Cosmopolitan from July 1972, and lo! who should be on the cover but Lawrence Harvey. This time photographed (rather more sexily than before, I might add) with his new fiancée, Paulene Stone.

Everywoman, July 1965

So I go to look him up on Wikipedia, to see how long that one lasted, and I find out that he died a year later in 1973. Which has made me feel rather sad. I mean, he squeezed a lot into his 45 years (married three times, there was even one fitted in between Margaret Leighton and Paulene Stone!) but still….

Interesting fact, Harvey and Stone had a daughter called Domino in 1969. She became a bounty hunter and died of a drugs overdose in 2005, the same year a film about her life (starring Keira *yawn* Knightley) was released.


5 Comments on “Mensday: The Loves of Laurence Harvey”

  1. If you've never seen it, I heartily recommend you see Harvey at his all-time best in The Manchurian Candidate. It's such a disturbingly dark film, all the more so because of how it stands out among its contemporaries. Harvey was born to play that role…he's magnificent in it.

  2. Ivy Black says:

    Oh my gosh…he's one of my all time favourite chaps! I like him in Dandy in Aspic and the Manchurian Candidate….fab film. Brilliant actor and a helluva boy!xxx

  3. Miss Rayne says:

    Perhaps it was Margaret's obsession with Rayne shoes that caused him to sack her?

  4. Smashingbird says:

    What a hawt chap & fab taste in wives too! That's very interesting about the Domino connection…. I do hate Keira Knightley tho. xx

  5. […] course Larry and Paulene get their own cover a few issues down the […]

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