Snoopin’ on Bates and Rigg

Years ago, in my hardcore Diana Rigg-memorabilia-collecting phase, I noticed and coveted a copy of Woman’s Mirror from 1966 with La Rigg on the front cover. I’ve only seen it this one time, on eBay, and it went way out of my price range. And considering I paid £30 for the Sunday Times magazine which featured John Bates’s designs for Diana, it must have been very steep for me to have not won it.

I mentioned it to Mr Brownwindsor a few weeks back, for some reason I can’t recall. I say mentioned, it may have been more like a moan. Wahhhh, poor me, I want this magazine, blah blah. The only difference now was that I am considerably more interested in the John Bates article it contains, than the Rigg one!

A few days after this, he mentioned having seen some copies of Woman’s Mirror in Snooper’s Paradise in Brighton. Spooky! No sign of the coveted issue (what would be the chances?) but definitely worth having a look in case there might be other interesting articles. So we mooched along on the Bank Holiday Monday. Had a look at some other issues of Woman’s Mirror, Woman’s Realm, Woman, Women!, Womanly, Women’s Troubles….etc etc. Then M noticed there were some more magazines in a glass cabinet. I look up, and there it is. Diana Rigg, with cut-out dotted line. THE issue. All other issues had been £3, surely this would be much more. But no. £3 it was.

I am a very happy lady, and I will be scanning/writing up the John Bates interview in due course.


6 Comments on “Snoopin’ on Bates and Rigg”

  1. Smashingbird says:

    Yay! What a find! xx

  2. Mo says:

    What a great find. I was in Snoopers paradise myself on Monday but I was only in for 10 mins before they said they were closing. Desperate to go back. x

  3. What an excellent cover!I love Diana as Miss Peel! x

  4. Miss Rayne says:

    That's great, i was in Snoopers on Friday and found some Raynes, at a surprisingly reasonable price.Yay for us!

  5. […] to take him with a big pinch of salt, like so many male designers…), and as promised in my earlier post with the cover, Mr John Bates in Woman’s Mirror, May […]

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