Mensday: Rave on the Ocean Wave

I’m not entirely sure where to start with this image, so I’m not going to. The copy doesn’t even really make sense, but it certainly makes me laugh. Poor Diana; that can’t be a comfortable pose for being towed, and she’s surrounded by twerps!

Scanned from The Sunday Times Magazine, September 1966

4 Comments on “Mensday: Rave on the Ocean Wave”

  1. brownwindsor says:

    ??? extraordinary. I hope the Terylene people dumped their ad agency.Maybe all mid-Sixties gentlemen spoke like this? "Think buy narrow trouser Carnaby. Ladies like."

  2. Perdita says:

    Snort! This is surreal, like some mid-90s Reeves and Mortimer sketch! 🙂

  3. I've never wanted a quilted anorak more. xxx

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