Perfect Eyeliner: Ludmila Savelyeva

Ludmila Savelyeva. Photographed by Avedon. Vogue, June 1969

Eyeliner, done properly, can be a work of art.


10 Comments on “Perfect Eyeliner: Ludmila Savelyeva”

  1. Sometimes it goes on like a dreama dn other times I can't get my flick right. That is a beautiful photo, I'm inspired to try again. xxx

  2. That is exquisite. If only I had a steady enough hand

  3. Perdita says:

    Beautiful.I have really hooded eyes, so although I have a fairly steady hand, I'm unsure if anyone ever sees the effect unless I walk round with my eyes shut.

  4. Even back in the day, I was useless at liquid eyeliner. Partly because of my astigmatism so I can't see absolutely straight in close up and partly the shape of my eyeballs ( TMI ? Sorry!)But I so loved those who could do it. Though I still like a slick of pencil eyeliner, whatever fashion or cosmetics gurus say. It's so French bohemian ( my favourite era). Hey – look at Kate's wedding day make-up. It works, it really works!

  5. Ivy Black says:

    I wish it would go on like that all the time. Some days I get it right, other days, it's a disaster! Gorgeous

  6. Helga! says:


  7. Louise says:

    I think I could practice day in, day out and never get my eyeliner to look like that. Magnificent.

  8. Smashingbird says:

    Absolutely, mine always looks lopsided somehow, plus I wish I could do a very fine line. x

  9. Mine's always hit and miss. Val Garland the make-up artist did them for me once and they were amazing but I've never managed to get them even half as good as she did.I noticed in Boots the other day that Simple have brought out and eye make-up corrector pen. I'm tempted but I'm on a serious economy drive so have to stop myself picking up random things on the way to the till xx

  10. ak says:

    Very pretty Amish woman.

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