Mensday: Sinful Skinfuls

Gone are the bad old days when all men were the same underneath – uniformly white and basically boring. As regimental and dull in their underwear habits as short back and sides. But things have changed. Men are beginning to realise what girls always knew, that what goes on underneath is just as important as what shows on the surface. And now the choice is enormous – bright stripes and jazzy prints, bikini pants and boxer shorts, slim-cut vests that could double up as leisurewear.

Phwoarrrrrrr! That’s all I want to say…

Scanned from Vanity Fair, October 1971. Photos by Marc Leonard.


6 Comments on “Mensday: Sinful Skinfuls”

  1. Smashingbird says:

    I'll second that Phwoarrrrrrr! xxx

  2. Ivy Black says:

    Just brilliant!They look like the Joy of Sex couple in that last shot.xx

  3. I'll third the phwoarrrr! What a cracker. xxx

  4. Perdita says:


  5. I will have to say this is a moustash thing again lol

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