Inspirational Images: Marianne Faithfull

Marianne Faithfull in Ossie Clark, by David Redfern 1973.

She looks so sad here, and this contrasts in a perversely beautiful way with the most exquisite Ossie Clark dress she’s wearing. I’ve been listening to her a fair bit lately and she often makes me snivel in public. A feat managed only by a handful of people…


5 Comments on “Inspirational Images: Marianne Faithfull”

  1. Oh they're amazing pictures! I love Marianne. I discovered her in 1978 when Broken English came out. I drove my parents mad with that cassette. Showing my age there! Have a lovely weekend xx

  2. Perdita says:

    I adore her too. Stylish, haunting… the ultimate in that unique 'gritty glamour' that sums up the era.

  3. Anna Lee says:

    Wow, she looks absolutely stunning in these! I love David Redfern's photography.

  4. Perdita says:

    PS. I live in London but have family in Sussex so go there about once a month and always have! 🙂

  5. laurakitty says:

    I've always wanted that Ossie!

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