Boutique: Beyond the Pale

I know nothing of Beyond the Pale other than this photo (scanned from 20th Century Fashion by David Bond). If anyone knows anything, please do let me know. I love this photo; nobody looks quite as good as they probably think they are, but they look all the more amazing for it. And I particularly love the ‘candid’ face of the guy coming out of the door.

Edited to add a scrap of information from the photo agency website:

London, England, 1968, Former psychology student opens London’s latest Boutique, ‘Beyond the Pale’, Seen here are (L-R) Manageress Jo Cruickshank, model Chantey Mulville, owner Peter Woodworth & model Anthe Holt


3 Comments on “Boutique: Beyond the Pale”

  1. that piccie makes me smile..

  2. Smashingbird says:

    Never heard of it, but I'd soooo love to have gone shopping there if those blouses are anything to go by! x

  3. Lesley prior says:

    I know exactly where it was.Walton street behind Harrods.i designed the clothes.Started for me and after a fall out regarding use of shop taken over by the owner peter wood worth smith.

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